Sean McCoy of Mothership fame recently tweeted (and then blogged) about a fun project he’s doing in 2023. Every day, he’ll write just one room of a dungeon into a journal. Every week is an area. Every month is a floor. By year’s end he’ll have a sprawling megadungeon all written in a journal.

#Dungeon23 got some traction on RPG twitter, and I thought, what the hell, it’s just one room a day. I can do that!

So I’m doing it. Here’s a prompt to get myself started.

Up the windy slopes and sheer cliffs of the Singing Mountain, a shrine was built into the rock. The shrine grew quickly, attracting pilgrims who come to make offerings to the spirit of the mountain, and receive blessings of health and good fortune. The shrine grew into a temple, with a full-time staff of custodians to lead pilgrims up the mountain, maintain the temple complex, and manage access to the spirit.

When the Singing Mountain erupted, the temple was buried in ash. The custodians were entombed with their temple, and the old pilgrimage route fell into disrepair. Travelers were warned that the mountain was dangerous, even cursed. Pilgrims stopped making the journey, and the passage of time buried the temple in memory.

But things buried have a tendency to endure beyond memory, coming back with an unexpected, restless force.

The entrance to the temple, long forgotten, has reopened. A steady trickle of adventurers, mendicants, and challenge-seekers has arrived at the old pilgrimage route. The spirit of the mountain has been roused from its slumber, and is beginning to move toward the light.

There are secrets buried beneath the mountain, hidden even to the custodians of the old temple. Soon, those secrets will be unearthed.

Picture of a journal on a table
I found this empty journal in my closet. Seems as good as any for the task.

December 12, 2022